Science Fiction – 2011 Goals

2011 Writing Goal: The Successful Death of Zwaan Pelgrim

My First Love  was science fiction.  It began early, when I read Jules Verne’s delightful novels, but it solidified when I discovered Isaac Asimov.   

Dr. Strangelove

I’ve written several short stories and a couple of SF manuscripts, including one similar to The Matrix.  Now, I’m even more passionate than before about writing SF.  I love  bending my brain to ideas about the future and space and time, then coming up with fantastic stories. 

I’ve begun another SF novel, one of many that I’ve brainstormed recently, and I’ve titled it: The Successful Death of Zwaan Pelgrim.  The idea for this novel began last summer, when I researched a fatal genetic disease–SPG21–that affects young Amish males. 

What if  . . .

In the far future, the last of a dying Amish order–with just one young male left to continue the clan–had SPG 21? And what if the only way to save him required ancestral DNA to preserve the clan’s last member, the only one capable of reproducing and continuing the clan’s life?  Well, time travel–going back in time and returning with the DNA needed to save this young man’s life and preserve the Old Order Amish (OOA)–became the nugget that I developed into a premise and a snyopsis.  I’m presently putting the novel through its paces, while I continue outlining plot.


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