Mainstream – 2011 Goals

2011 Writing Goal: Mule Boy
This mainstream novel explores the grief of not just individuals at war with themselves but also of countries locked in a death struggle. It’s hard to believe a Taliban captive’s claim that a sixteen year old Muslim boy raped her could set off an international conflict. But in Mule Boy, that’s exactly what happens.
Premise for Mule Boy
Dara Buckthorn, a Mormon reporter embedded with U.S. troops in Afghanistan, is released after being held captive into the care of Army shrink, Doctor Ali Moosa.  Dara’s story of rape by Taliban extremist, dubbed Mule Boy by Dara but in fact the village scholar headed for Harvard, sets off an international U.S./Afghan conflict, the backdrop for Dara’s dangerous games with Afghan born Doctor Moosa. 

While she plays along with Doctor Moosa, he teases from her a childhood secret of paternal incest, thus setting himself up as the target of her ruthless father, General Bryce Buckthorn, hell bent on defending the U.S., but mainly himself, and preventing Doctor Moosa from taking Dara’s story public. 

But what motivates disturbed Dara finally becomes her road to personal salvation, the means by which she saves herself and Doctor Moosa’s life.  Using her chronic ability to lie and deceive, she lures her father into a trap set by Doctor Moosa and Mule Boy.


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