Profiler Suspense Series

Suspense: New Direction

I developed The Profiler Series because the number of female serial killers is increasing, so I think this cultural phenomenon deserves suspense authors’ attention.   This is suspense’s new direction, and I want to be–I believe I am–ahead of the curve on this one. 

Vengeance: Golden Pen Finalist

My attention to my research (crimes by female serial killers, victimology, and the profiling process) and to writing the first novel in the series paid off.  Vengeance Is Mine: the Profiler’s Passion placed third in the prestigious Golden Pen’s romantic suspense category. 

Vengeance: Querying

The manuscript is finished, and I’m querying  to help place it within a growing suspense oeuvre, one that delves into places so dark few can–or even wish–to imagine, the female serial killer’s mind.  My protagonist, FBI profiler, Riley Cruz, looks like Jessica Alba.  

The Profiler Series: Learn More

I’m presently writing A Taste of Her Own Medicine: the Profiler’s Pain, the second novel in The Profiler Series.  The third novel in the series is A Dance with Death: the Profiler’s Match.  

Read summaries for each novel in the series at


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