Kizzy Creek Mysteries

Cartoon by Hugh MacleodKizzy Creek Mysteries 

I’ve set this series in a small town near lush Kizzy Creek State Forest, right next to Ecogenix, the world’s biggest nuclear waste storage and reprocessing facility.   The ensuing fight becomes a repeat of the David/Goliath conflict.  Can the little people save themselves from terrorists?  Prevent their demise to cancer from the poison Ecogenix is sneaking into the air and water?  Get back their quiet, peaceful lives?    

Premise for A Fire in God’s Bathtub, Book I – Forest ranger stops man’s biggest nuclear Boo-Boo, no effing picnic, Yogi!

Casey Burke, a former Marine sniper coping with PTSD and dementia, tracks the murderers of his friend, Jesse Stephenson, his safety in Vietnam, the man who covered Casey’s back while he made ninety-six kill shots.  

Becoming entangled in his feisty activist girlfriend’s fight to oust the nuclear plant from rural Kizzy Creek, Casey protects VeeVee Adams from the same nuclear terrorists who murdered Jesse and who now threaten to blow Ecogenix, the Uranium enrichment processing facility. 

Finding the murderers and protecting VeeVee forces Casey to choose between his long-held pacifism, or killing.  It’s a nearly impossible dilemma since he lives with guilt over accidentally killing a Buddhist priest and renowned poet, while performing a CIA sanctioned, targeted assassination as a young Marine sniper in Cambodia. 


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