Revision Anxiety – 1st Draft Quick Fix

Revision Anxiety – 1st Draft Quick Fix  You’ve just finished writing your novel.  It’s hefty.  You’re looking at a massive revision, but your brain is saying no.  No, no, no.    Everyone has a particular process they apply to revising.  Many of them are top-down and, therefore, tedious.  They include initial pass-throughs for a laundry list of items to fix.  Grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics–on and on ad … Continue reading

Premise Writing – Ingermanson’s Snowflake Process

Ingermanson’s Premise Writing Process for Pantsers and Plotters Pantsers believe fiction writing is creative, so it doesn’t lend itself to a process, while others have turned their writing process into a fetish.    We’re polarized on this point, but don’t have to be.  Pantsers can find a flexible process that works, and plotters can improve their current writing process.  We respect both camps, so we argue that fiction writing lends itself perfectly to … Continue reading

R U a Process Challenged Writer?

What is your writing process?   WTF!  I’m a writer, creative type, don’t ya know?  I don’t need a process.  Okay, yes.  Writing is a creative process, but writing novels–or anything–requires some type of production process.  Maybe you start with an idea and brainstorm it until you feel like you’ve got your brain wrapped around your novel, and then … Continue reading