Mucky Manor and Me

My Life at Mucky Manor

Hi, I’m Mary McFarland, mistress of Mucky Manor, a tree farm in Ohio. I love the solitude, but I’m also at home on W. 85th in Manhattan or in the middle of a stampeding buffalo herd. Wherever I am, I’m observing people, the crazy things they do, and grabbing snippets of human personality for my latest novel.   The Mucky Manor pond, aka The Big Muck, is my muse. I like its physics, what I call its intestinal math.  It’s insoluble, like time travel, except by imagining the mysterious life dwelling below its soupy green face, a magical world filled with unique, exquisite beings–dragon flies, frogs, snakes, fish, turtles.  

My Writing  

I write in multiple genres, but primarily mystery and suspense.   Two mystery series I’m writing include The Kizzy Creek Mystery Series and The Graveyard Swingshift Mystery Series.  I’m also writing a suspense series called The Profiler Series.  Other genres in which I write include creative nonfiction, science fiction, and mainstream fiction.

My Hangouts on the World Wide Web  

My Friends

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6 thoughts on “Mucky Manor and Me

    • Michael, bless you. And . . . thanks. I’ve been so amazed by your art and by your writing. Your good opinion means a lot to me. Looking forward to great blogging and to seeing your WordPress (?) site and blog.

  1. Hey, Mary,

    (This is perhaps not the most appropriate place to be writing all this, but I don’t have your email address.)

    I was just lurking on my favorite author’s websites-well, those that have websites at least-and wanted to come say hi.

    So. Hi, and I do hope you’re doing well.

    • Essie, hey! I say, Why not? Why not write all this here? Ohmygosh, I’m so thrilled to hear from you. No surprise to me that you’re “lurking on your favorite authors’ Web sites” (blush-blush). Update: I just submittied What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery, a Young Adult mystery to an agent for review, and I’m waiting to hear back (keep your fingers crossed). Now, the huge important question: what are you writing? I’m dying to know.

  2. Well, I guess there really isn’t any reason!

    Oh, I do, I do. (And yes, you are one of them, despite me still trying to get my hands on some of your books and having yet to succeed.)

    I’m actually really interested/excited about the cemetery mysteries.

    Um… a lot of things actually. Several shortish sort of stories that are really just for fun sort of things-not something to publish so much-and a couple that I hope to turn into novels someday. One has only a chapter finished; I sort of got thrown for a loop because it’s turning out to be from the point of view of a different character than I thought it would be. I was trying to start chapter two and then realized that this character-who is really supposed to be supporting the main character had taken over and seemed to be insisting that *he* tell the story, as opposed to the main. So… I guess I’ll just let him do his thing and try to make it work. 🙂

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