Time Fetish – Writing vs. Blogging: the Social Media Tradeoff

How much time do you spend writing?  How much do you devote to blogging?   Does the tradeoff frustrate you? 

As writers, we’re often tapped out by our commitment to our social media platform, especially the blogging component.  

One time saver I’ve found is Bloglines.  I log on, set my widgets so I can monitor everything going on in real time (everything straight from WordPress to New York Times), and then link and post a blog related to my blog’s content.  For example, this morning I found one related to procrastination.  It was well written and pertinent to one issue we all face as writers.  I posted it to my facebook and Twitter accounts.  From there, if discussion ensues, I can redirect readers to my blog.  I’m not sure that Bloglines permits reposting of content direct from my blog, and I wouldn’t do it, even if I could.      

Is there a downside to doing this?  There probably is, although at this point I haven’t had time–nor the inclination–to research it.  If so, I’m sure it will show up somewhere.  I’ll save time and wait.

Meantime, here’s the link.  www.bloglines.com



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