Blog eWoggy’s Critique Partner Celebration Day

We have them, we love them, but do we celebrate them?

My CP, Peggy Hill, and I have worked together for over a year and a half, and during that time she’s been there every step of the way, reading some fairly crappy writing. Most of all, she’s been straight with me. When she knew something wasn’t working in my MS, she said so, and made no bones. Where on earth can you get that kind of support?

I’m meeting her today at Red Lobster, where we spend every Friday. I’m going to do more than just thank her. Think I’ll swing by the florist and get a bouquet, or a living plant. What do you do to thank your CP?


2 thoughts on “Blog eWoggy’s Critique Partner Celebration Day

  1. Mary,

    I haven’t thanked a CP before.

    If I was one, I might like a nice bottle of red. Or white.

    Hope the lobster was good!!



    • Keri, I’m kinda shocked at the no. who don’t thank CP, although I know they do in private. CPs are the workhorses of the writing industry. There’s real alchemy at work in a critique partnership, and a great CP is worth more than gold (mine is). I like the idea of having a national CP celebration or recognition day.

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