Time – 1st Fetish

Time to Identify Your Genre and Prepare a Plan  – Save Time: Categorize Your Writing Goals

Step 1 –  Look at every manuscript you’ve written.  Which would you keep or rehabilitate for current markets?  

Step 2 – Classify each manuscript by genre.  Put crossovers on piles where they fit, where they could be sold tomorrow.  This step helps you shape your writing goals and prioritize areas of strength.   

Step 3 – Look hard and decide in which genres you can consistently produce–yes, I used that word produce–for the next five years.      

Step 4 – Target agents and publishers.  If you’re writing YA, who are the best agents and publishers?  Give them A, B, and C rankings.  

Step 5 – Now study Amazon reviews and rankings, and read the excerpts of books in your genres.  How does your YA paranormal-mystery-SF-crossover compare?

Step 6 –  Make a spreadsheet for the next five years, using these categories: manuscript title, genre, targeted agent/publisher.  What does your production plan look like?  

Year 1 – My 2011 Production Plan  for Mary McFarland  Following these simple steps,  I developed my 2011-2015 production plan.  Below is my plan 2011.   Note that my primary genres are mystery and suspense, in which I’ll produce the most novels.  I’ve a ten-book decology planned for my Kizzy Creek Mystery Series over the next five years, and a three-book suspense trilogy planned for The Profiler Series over the next two years.  I’ve also decided to experiment with going Indie with What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery, Book I in my Graveyard Swingshift Series

My five-year career plan also involves producing mainstream and SF novels, so I’m completing two novels in these categories in 2011 to prepare for more extensive production work in 2012 – 2015.

  1. Mule Boy – Mainstream
  2. Zwaan Pelgrim’s Successful Death – SF
  3. A Taste of Her Own Medicine: the Profiler’s Pain (Book II in The Profiler Suspens Series)
  4. The Last Cicada (Book II in the Kizzy Creek Mysteries)
  5. What Happens in the Vegas Cemetery Mysteries (Book I inThe Graveyard Swingshift Series)

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