Writers’ Frenetic Writing Fetish 

Writers don’t just write novels.  We market and publish them.  We build social media platforms.  We blog.  We network and attend conferences and workshops and professional organizations.  We mentor.  We have families that we spend time with (right?).  We’re locked into this frenetic activity because we have the compulsion to write.   Most psychiatrists would say we have a writing fetish. We don’t mind; it’s true.  But it’s hell keeping up.  There’s little left over, and we live exhausted.    

Respect the Fetish: Blow Past Exhaustion with Process 

One way to blow past exhaustion is to streamline our novel-writing process.  What is the ideal process?  It’s one we can duplicate so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time we write.  It’s one that enables us to finish more novels in less time without sacrificing the creativity that keeps us writing.  Finding that process is our purpose and the force that powers this blog. 

Sure, we’re obsessed with writing, but we also want to get paid.  That means adapting how we write novels to the fast-paced, super competitive and fluid publishing environment.  If asked to predict the authors who’ll be earning the highest gross incomes in the near future–among those who can write great novels–we’d say it’s going to be those who master time management, but it will be those, especially, who fetishize their novel-writing process.     

Our Fetish: Easy, Enjoyable, Lucrative Writing Process 

Our team’s obsessive focus is studying and testing the writing processes used by gurus like Chris Vogler and Donald Maass, to mention only two.  We’re researching how well their processes work and asking questions.  We want to know how to make the novel-writing process more efficient, easy, enjoyable, and lucrative for writers, including pantsers and plotters.

We’re interested in the process you use to write and welcome your comments.

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